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Skill Set


Project Size

500 - 750 sq ft

Project Location

Front yard

Sun Exposure

Full sun

Year Completed


Time Commitment

less than 10 hours of labor

Project Cost

less than $500

Other Project Elements

Native or drought-tolerant plants, Drip irrigation system, Pathways, Shrubs

Resource Central Programs

Lawn Removal Service, Slow the Flow, Grass to Garden

Advice from the Owner

We started out with a vision of more native flowers and shrubs to attract more birds and to reduce our water use in our semi-arid climate. We just got tired of throwing water on turf that was there for no good reason anymore. So, we took classes through Resource Central and the Audubon Society to learn what was possible. We heard about the turf removal service offered by Resource Central and took advantage of their great work. I had removed a lot of turf with a manual, non-powered sod cutter and it is really, really hard work. To have Resource Central do it was a back and time saver and they did a fantastic job. We hired a professional firm to help us design and install our prairie meadow, paver pathway and patio border. They knew the best plants for our yard, and consulted with us several times through the design process to ensure they were in tune with our goals. The collaboration resulted in a beautiful and beneficial place for birds, pollinators and us. We can't wait for the springtime to see things really take off.

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