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Skill Set


Project Size

250 - 500 sq ft

Project Location

Front yard

Sun Exposure

Full sun

Year Completed

2021 still in progress

Time Commitment

less than 10 hours of labor

Project Cost

less than $500

Other Project Elements

Boulders, Native or drought-tolerant plants

Resource Central Programs

Garden In A Box

Professional Help


Advice from the Owner

My main focus is to remove the grass in my front yard. I love the plants that were in the Garden In A Box kits. Also, they gave us a layout of where to orient all of the plants. It was hard work removing the grass but all I did was take up the sod flip it over and chop it up. That works really well. I also found free rock on Nextdoor to keep costs down and use recycled materials. Plus I got the free mulch from Westminster as well. Now we have a nice garden that will not need much water after years 2 and 3. We planted this spring and in July the plants are big and produce flowers. It will really look great and fill in more next year. I hope to do another phase next year and add to what we did this year and continue to remove more grass. I have gotten several good comments from neighbors about how nice the garden looks.

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