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Skill Set


Project Size

250 - 500 sq ft

Project Location

Front yard

Sun Exposure

Full sun

Year Completed


Time Commitment

11 - 20 hours of labor

Project Cost

less than $500

Other Project Elements

Bird/Bee houses, Low water/xeric plants

Resource Central Programs

Garden In A Box

Professional Help


Advice from the Owner

It was really fun to do this project. More than anything, I love looking out the kitchen window all summer long and seeing the changes in color and shape within the garden. I also love to see the butterflies and bees ambling throughout the day drinking nectar and enjoying the new garden.

I have lost a few plants along the way, but have just learned more about my garden. Specifically, I have learned about bugs and ailments to a garden that need to be addressed to keep it happy and healthy. It has been and will be a learning process to make it the best garden it can be. Eventually, I hope to completely transform our backyard into a low-water landscape that can be enjoyed for years to come with little maintenance.

I have learned that gardening never has an end; it is a continual process that is very rewarding. Additionally, I have learned that deadheading plants is the best way to keep the color alive all summer. I have also realized that weeding can be such a form of mindfulness. It's nice to just shut off my brains and be at one with the outside world.

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