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Skill Set


Project Size

1,000+ sq ft

Project Location

Sidewalk yard

Sun Exposure

Full sun

Year Completed

2017, 2019

Time Commitment

10 hours of labor or less

Project Cost

Less than $500

Other Project Elements

Drip irrigation system, Retaining walls, Berm/swale, Other

Professional Help


Advice from the Owner

There are a lot of great things about our new landscaping! This includes our water usage being reduced significantly and utilizing the strips of unused land between the street and sidewalk (aka tree lawn) of a large city corner lot. The Garden In A Box plants are all native and drought resistant - which means they will thrive with basic care. Additionally, we are thrilled with the descriptions of each plant and design plans that came with the boxes. We participated in the Slow the Flow program, Garden In A Box and the Lawn Removal Consultation.

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