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Skill Set


Project Size

1,000+ sq ft

Project Location

Front yard

Sun Exposure

Part Shade

Year Completed


Time Commitment

11 - 20 hours of labor

Project Cost

$2,001 - $3,000

Other Project Elements

Native or drought-tolerant plants, Drip irrigation system, Pathways, Patio/sitting areas, Boulders, Rain Garden, Trees, Gravel or Stone, Shrubs, Berm/swale

Resource Central Programs

Garden In A Box, Grass to Garden

Professional Help

Advice from the Owner

I’m glad to not have to mow but the challenge will be the leaves in the fall but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it! We put in a pathway through and across after assessing our patterns through the yard. We added a shaded sitting area. Rain garden with a little river from the drain spout opens up to and it has worked fantastic so far. Built a little bridge over the river. Full sun plants down the middle and some shade ground cover on the mound with rocks. 2x2 pavers with Turkish Veronica and creeping thyme to surround them to beak up the massive amounts of rock. Also used the fort from digging up the rain garden to add a little dimension under the tree. Whew!

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