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Skill Set


Project Size

500 - 750 sq ft

Project Location

Front yard

Sun Exposure

Full sun

Year Completed


Time Commitment

21 - 30 hours of labor

Project Cost

less than $500

Other Project Elements

Drip irrigation system

Resource Central Programs

Garden In A Box

Professional Help


Advice from the Owner

Love how easy it is to maintain and looks better every year as we let certain plants spread. We have year round interest - it looks great every season. Garden in a Box took all the guesswork out of choosing things that would work well in our climate. We’ve also been dividing plants and putting them in our backyard, saving us money on buying additional plants. We cut everything back early spring and have to prune a few plants back midsummer to keep them neat. We were a little worried about attracting bees to our front walkway but all the bees that hang out are just happy chilling on all the flowers as you walk by. We ended up adding some additional large grasses and had 3 plants (same kind) die after the second season. Other than that, there’s been no issues and would highly recommend Garden in a Box!

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