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Cindy Wakefield



Skill Set


Project Size

500 - 750 sq ft

Project Location

Front yard

Sun Exposure

Full sun

Year Completed


Time Commitment

11 - 20 hours of labor

Project Cost

less than $500

Other Project Elements

Native or drought-tolerant plants, Drip irrigation system, Shrubs

Professional Help


Advice from the Owner

A little research helped me choose plants and seeds to have color and interest in every season. The native plant selection pleases hundreds of pollinators and birds. I have learned how to control weeds without poison so the birds and other animals stay healthy after eating insects and seeds. Groups such as Colorado's People and Pollinators and the Xerces Society have specific, understandable information for every homeowner for increasing pollinators in your yard. I am amazed by the number of bumblebees and dragonflies in my yard. Find a sprinkler system professional who can understood your landscape philosophy. Mine installed emitters that can be turned off and on according to my plants' needs. My water bill is a fraction of what my sod-friendly neighbors pay.

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